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SunGril3D – Infrared 3D Tech

SunGril3D – Infrared 3D Tech


Infrared 3D

Manufacturing technology of SunGrill3D® uses 3D infrared lamp, prepares food in a healthy way, eliminating the oil, smoke and reducing free radicals. It provides you and your family a healthier food preparation.

Replace several Appliances

SunGrill3D® braise, toast, grill, preparing dishes and thaws, efficiently replacing several conventional appliances and utensils. cooking technology of SunGrill3D® replaces the microwaves, grill, toaster, electric oven, the sandwich and the pan.

With SunGrill3D® your day-to-day will be different. The secret lies in advanced technology Infravermelho3D roasting dimensionally.

The Health of Your Family

With SunGrill3D® foods are healthier and juicy. Smokeless without, oil without, frying without, no smell and reduces the amount of free radicals. An indispensable appliance for your family, for a modern life and your health. In addition to not use oil, reduces fat food making them healthier.

Some fats are deposited in the arteries, which over time cause serious damage to your health. The stress and sedentary lifestyle affect health.

SunGrill3D removes some of the fat from food. They accumulate in the waste box at the bottom of the grill. The amount of residual fat impressive. This is the warning to anyone who wants a healthier life.

Practicality and Safety

The SunGrill3D® is easy to operate. No complicated operation manuals. Cleaning is simple, because their dishes with Teflon facilitate cleaning. Infrared light also sterilize, eliminating bacteria and fungi with safety.

You can prepare delicious dishes with succulent meats and even make a delicious barbecue without coal and smokeless.

Have a healthy life with SunGrill3D®

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