Suntech® – The Revolution in Agriculture

It is a Foliar Fertilizer that promotes the growth of leaves of uniform shape and size.

Thicker leaves with bright colors and thick, healthy stems. Its action promotes the increase in leaf width.

There is significant improvement of the product with increased sweetness and improved taste.

It promotes root growth by maximizing the genetic potential of plants.

Promotes greater storage capacity and longevity

5th Generation Leaf Fertilizer:

Promotes the Increase of Dry Grain

Mass Promotes Grain Size

Increase Increases Resistance to Water Deficit

Promotes Root Growth

In tests carried out at Casa de Vegetação, the efficiency of the product in Bean Culture was demonstrated:

Dry Mass Air Part up to 32.92%
Number of Pods up to 50.40%
Dry Pasta Pods up to 42.46%
Number of Grains up to 30.63%
Dry Pasta Grains up to 83.24%
Dry Pasta 1,000 Grains up to 39.29%
Increase in Chlorophyll (SPAD Index) up to 25.94%

In Field Tests carried out at the Zorzato Brothers Farm, focusing on Soybean and Corn Cultures – Águas de Santa Bárbara – SP Farmer Alexandre Zorzato reports: “In the tests that I carry out in Soja with Suntech, I have harvested 108 bags / ha and without Suntech I have harvested 85 bags / ha, and in the Corn with Suntech, there were 206 bags / ha and 157 bags / ha. , my expectations. “